Developing the IFSP

What if my child is found eligible for FCESS?

IFSPs are developed by IFSP Teams. The IFSP Team includes you, the FCESS Service Coordinator, other therapists/providers who will be providing services to your child and anyone else that you would like to be on the team. The IFSP must be developed and signed by you, the parent within 45 days from the date your child was referred to FCESS. Because of the time requirements, some FCESS programs complete the evaluation, determine eligibility and write the IFSP during the same visit. Other FCESS programs complete the evaluation, and then schedule a visit for developing the IFSP. Either way, please feel free to ask questions, talk with each other and plan for your child. If you do not feel comfortable completing all these steps in one meeting, you can ask to schedule another meeting to write the IFSP. It is important to know that FCESS cannot provide services without your written consent and services will not begin until you sign the IFSP.

What if my child is NOT found eligible for FCESS?

In the event that your child does not meet the eligibility criteria for FCESS, you will be provided with written notice explaining the findings of the evaluation and recommendations of the team. This will also include the names, addresses and phone numbers of other supports, services and advocacy groups within the community that can help meet the needs of your family. They will also inform you that you have the right to challenge the determination of eligibility results and offer you the steps on how to do this.