When My Child Turns 3

My child is going to be 3 years old, what do I do?

It is important to know that once your child turns 3, they are no longer eligible for services under FCESS and those services will stop on your child’s 3rd birthday. Once your child turns 3, there may be community-based services that can support your child’s and family’s needs including community preschool programs, outpatient therapy programs and continued Area Agency services. Some children may qualify for preschool special education services from their local school district. Not all children who receive FCESS qualify for preschool special education. As part of the transition planning process, your Service Coordinator will discuss these options with you and help you to review and plan for all your options.

To make sure that there are no gaps in services, a Transition Plan will be developed and included in the IFSP. Planning for transition begins when your child turns 27 months, or earlier if your child is found no longer eligible for FCESS, or as soon as possible if your child enters FCESS after 27 months of age.

Visit here for more information on Transition Planning.