Resolving Disagreements

Resolving Disagreements with the IEP Team

When parents have a disagreement with the IEP team or a proposal by the IEP team, they can always request another IEP meeting to discuss their concerns with the team.  Provide the team with specific recommendations to solve the disagreement.  If the disagreement is about the proposed IEP, give the team your suggestions on how to improve the IEP in writing.  You will need to explain why your recommendations are necessary to provide your child with a free appropriate public education and how they support their educational needs.  If possible, have outside therapists or doctors write a letter supporting your recommendations and explaining why they are educationally necessary to provide a free appropriate public education.

You may also agree to the IEP with exceptions and note them on the written prior notice.  The school must implement the portions of the IEP that you have given consent to.  The IEP team must meet to resolve the areas you have exceptions with.  You can also agree with exceptions but allow for the implementation of the IEP as written with the request that the IEP team meet again in a pre-determined amount of time (30 days suggested) to determine progress and review the IEP.  Make sure that the minutes of the meeting reflect your concerns and suggestions for improving the IEP.

Parents always have the right to request a facilitated IEP meeting, request mediation, request aneutral conference, or file for due process if they can not come to agreement with the IEP team.  Parents can also file a complaint.  For more information on these options, please contact The Parent Information Center on Special Education for more information.

The Parent Information Center believe in resolving disputes in the least adversarial manner. For information on alternative dispute resolution, please view our information on alternative dispute resolution.